Hot new rebrand and design direction for Sitecore web development agency 3Chillies
3Chillies branding and website

Experience technology experts 3Chillies are a digital development agency whose expertise lie in the technical development and design of websites, intranets and apps. Their previous identity didn't represent their expertise and didn't align with their ambitions for the future.

The story behind the 3Chillies name is great. The founding directors were deliberating over the decision whilst eating their favourite food. A good old curry. MD Paul, a fan of the hottest curries spotted the three chilli icons next to his favourite dish, and 3Chillies was born.

3 Chillies Chillies

One of the biggest issues we saw with the current identity was that the use of chilli and fire icons is overused—especially in the design and development industry. So during our brand presentation we recommended we strip things back.

Process Logo 3

The first challenge was to develop a new identity to form the basis of an invigorated brand. We created a simple, ownable logo made up of a '3' icon and a customised word mark. The introduction of 'cuts' in the logo breaks up the symbol into three distinct parts, which follows through into the type. This design element also gives the identity a feeling of solidity and attitude.

3 Chillies 1

By developing the logo in two parts gave us the option to use the '3' icon on its own—perfect for social media, badges, stamps and smaller applications.

The identity style also inspired a set of matching icons which although generic, contain a distinctive link to 3Chillies.

3 Chillies Icons 2
3 Chillies Stationery

Part of the rebrand was driven by the need to improve internal engagement, and reaffirm company culture with a growing team. To aid with this we developed a series of internal communications, signage and prints to introduce the brand into the office.

3 Chillies Prints

Clearly, being a development team who are darn good at their job 3Chillies didn't need a full website project. What they did need was some design direction for their key pages and case studies.

3Chillies Web

We had the fortune of working with some of the company's previous projects whilst designing a direction that showcased their technical services. 

3 Chillies Case Study 1
Since our rebrand we've seen enquiries increase by 300%. Seriously.
3 Chillies Case Study 2

We've now handed over the new brand and design direction to the 3Chillies team and we can't wait to see where they take it.

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