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How we helped Sport Wales engage staff and take its company handbook online
Brand, illustration and web design for Sport Wales

We've worked with Sport Wales on a number of internal projects to help engage their staff—but this was a biggie. The team asked us to create a staff-facing brand for their HR communications. Something that put the Human back into human resources. Something that would inspire and excite people.


The first requirement was to deliver an identity that could be carried through all messaging for the initiative, which was called 'build a brilliant organisation'. To help make the brand feel human and add a personal look to it we developed a custom hand rendered typeface. This became the basis of the identity, and a key asset to be used going forward.

Be Brilliant 1
Be Brilliant 2
We created 'Superfont', a bespoke typeface to use on all communications. Once we'd written out all the characters, we painstakingly edited and created a full font file using an app called Glyphs
Be Brilliant 3

Creating real life heroes

The purpose of the initiative was to make people within Sport Wales feel appreciated and empowered. We came up with the concept of giving everyone super powers, and developed a hand-sketched illustration style to further add to the personal look and feel. We produced a huge number of illustrations for the HR and marketing teams to use in everything from emails and leaflets through to their intranet.

Be Brilliant 4

With the Superfont and our hero illustrations done we designed a range of internal posters and prints to be used throughout the Sport Wales buildings.

Be Brilliant 5

Digital company handbook

A major part of the project was to develop a digital version of the company handbook. All companies have handbooks containing their policies and practices—most are hundreds of pages of text, left to gather dust on a shelf somewhere. Sport Wales wanted to modernise theirs. We built an online resource where staff can access all company policies quickly and easily, and the HR team can update them instantly when needed.

The online handbook follows through the friendly, illustrated look to make it engaging to read. All new staff are given access to the handbook as part of the onboarding process, so it was really important that it reflected the entire HR initiative.

Be Brilliant 6

As part of our research we found that most people would use the online handbook to find information about pay, leave and key policies such as childcare and overtime. With that in mind we broke up the content into top level topics, added a place for featured policies and highlighted recently updated pages.

We also learned that most people would use the handbook in the evening or at lunchtime, primarily from a phone or tablet, so we paid particular attention to the experience on mobile devices.

Be Brilliant 7
One of the many ways visitors can find the content they're looking for is via the policy index, which lists all the pages on the site

We have had great feedback following the launch, everyone loves both the look and feel of the website!

Be Brilliant 8
The online handbook has been specially designed to look great—and provide a great experience on mobile devices and tablets

The HR team clearly needed full control over the content on the platform, so we set up a highly customised version of Craft CMS. Fortunately Craft also offers great search integration and since the handbook contains hundreds of pages of content, search was key to helping people find what they're looking for quickly and easily.

Be Brilliant 9

We structured the content in the CMS so each point from a policy was an individual entry—giving the team the ability to link to, and share singular points, rather than the entire document. This makes referencing sub points within a policy much easier for Sport Wales, and clearer for the user.

Be Brilliant 10
Each individual policy entry includes a share link, allowing the HR team to send a link to an individual point, rather than to the whole policy document

Katie Archer from Sport Wales said;

“A massive thank you to Bluegg for all of your hard work and creativity in transforming our Sport Wales Staff Handbook. Having already done such an amazing job creating a unique HR brand for us, we had every confidence it would look great, but the end product was even beyond what we could have envisioned! We have had great feedback from staff following the launch, everyone loves both the look and feel of the website. It is always a pleasure to work with the team and we look forward to working with you again for whatever our next project may be!”

This has been a fantastic project to work on, as always with Sport Wales. We've utilised all of our skills from design strategy, illustration and branding through to content strategy and web development. The feedback from the team has been great too. Staff have really connected with the initiative, are loving the superhero characters and have made great use of the online handbook.

The company handbook is available to everyone to see. Take a look.

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