​We helped leading finance company Y3S realign their brand and connect with their staff
New brand identity for Y3S

Leading financial broker Y3S has been one of our most loyal clients since 2002. Over the years we've repositioned the brand many times as the business has evolved. Following a stint of in-house development, the management team brought us back to develop a new brand identity and help re-engage staff.

Y3S 1
The Y3S brand identity had become confused and misaligned with the company's vision. The marketing communications sent mixed messages about how Y3S positioned itself.

Brand Review

Y3S has been leading the way in its industry for many years. To start the rebrand process we undertook a research phase, consisting of internal brand workshops and external perception surveys. The results were clear—the current brand lacked authority and had failed to move in-line with the success of the company.

Y3S 2
The Y3S logo through the years. The latest iteration (right) was the culmination of trying to communicate too many messages.

Following our research phase the decision was made to modernise the brand, add much needed maturity and develop a foundation for the next phase of growth. Key to this change was to alter the way the name is written. After 14 years of being 'y3s', we changed to a more serious and authoritative uppercase format.

Y3S 3

The new identity is now more flexible, allowing for consistent branding across sub-divisions and services. A clean and simple design style for corporate materials reflects the new vision of modern maturity.

Y3S 7

Retaining Personality

Y3S has gained a dedicated following within the industry for its fun, quirky and unique marketing messages. It was vital to continue, and evolve this with the new brand. Using the shape of the 'Y' as a basis we developed an illustration style that echoed the brand look and feel, introducing colour and personality. We assisted with tone of voice and copywriting to make marketing messages engaging and memorable.

Y3S 4
What Bluegg have created for us gives our company a new lease of life

— Matt Cottle, Joint CEO

Y3S 5

Engaging Staff

During our brand review we discovered that the people who work at Y3S had become disconnected with the company vision. The management team asked us to help engage them. We worked with them to create a set of core values that really reflect the company and the way it does things. We also helped the team write a new mission statement based on the findings of our internal research. The new values and mission were then turned into vibrant wall graphics—purposely detached from the external brand.

Y3S 6

To further engage both current and future staff we designed a creative and fun company handbook that tells the Y3S story though quirky copy and compelling visuals.

Y3S 7

The new brand for Y3S has successfully repositioned the company, given marketing messages a new lease of life and engaged staff like never before. After a partnership spanning over a decade, we look forward to working with the team for many years to come. Watch this space!

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