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Bluegg featured on Think Vitamin

💀 Hi. You're reading an old post. Some of the stuff in here might be out of date, look weird or smell funny. We're sorry. We all get old you know? 💀

Bluegg Admin

By Tom

Think Vitamin is a brilliant blog created by a talented bunch of designers and developers mainly aimed at other designers and developers. The site offers a wealth of information, tutorials, articles and reviews about website development and new technologies.

Late in 2010, Rob contacted the editor of Think Vitamin to see if he would like to write a series of articles offering an insight into how a design agency operates. He said yes so obviously we were delighted. From today there will be a series of articles taking a look behind the scenes of our creative agency. The first article is an overview and a look at a typical day for us. The subsequent articles will look at specific roles within the team.

The Bluegg team

Here's an excerpt of the first article "Bluegg is an agency based in Newport, South Wales working on branding, print and web projects for clients across the UK and Europe. Bluegg currently consists of eight people including a Creative Director, Business Director, Studio Manager, Designers and Developers. More on those roles in coming weeks."

Read the full article here and be sure to follow us on twitter where we'll announce the other posts.