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Sorry we're closed this afternoon!

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Bluegg Admin

By Tom

Sorry, we're closed today!

It's been a busy year so far for us, and whilst we aren't complaining one little bit, we decided that it was about time we spent some time as a team 'bonding' and generally letting our hair down to reward all the hard work.

So with that in mind we are shutting up shop early today (midday 2nd Sept) and heading up to Chepstow Races! We'll be spending the afternoon having a few drinks, enjoying some delicious food and maybe even having a wee flutter on the horses as well, well it would be rude not to.

It's not often we take time out of the studio all at once, but we're making an exception this time. We've been working super extra hard this week to get things finished (especially as we also had a bank holiday!) and rest assured if you're a client reading this wondering where your latest website visuals/brochure proof/illustrations are, we'll be back bright and early Monday morning and raring to go when it'll be business as normal.

No doubt we'll also be a few pennies shorter than we are now unless one of us wins big, in which case you can call us at the new Maldives office (details to follow... possibly!)