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The Twelve Doodles of Christmas

💀 Hi. You're reading an old post. Some of the stuff in here might be out of date, look weird or smell funny. We're sorry. We all get old you know? 💀

Bluegg Admin

By Tom

The Twelve Doodles of Christmas – By Bluegg

Wow! We can't believe it's the end of another year. 2012 has been a pretty hectic, rewarding and challenging one for us. You may recall that the team shrunk but we have also welcomed new people.

We have continued working with long term clients and introduced many new ones to the Bluegg way with branding, print and web projects keeping us busy, creative and allowing us to learn new skills.

Some of the team have had a stab at public speaking, we've been in national magazines, continued our involvement with networking groups Fiftyone3 and Woko Woco, been nominated for a Canmol award and seen a flurry of work come our way from London.

This time of year is always a period for reflection of the months gone by and planning for the year ahead. We have plans, big plans and we're excited, but we need a rest too so we are closing the studio at 1pm on Friday December 21st and will be back raring to go on Wednesday January 2nd.

To celebrate Christmas we thought we'd create a unique card in proper Bluegg doodle fashion. May we present The Twelve Doodles of Christmas

What do you think? Drop us a tweet or leave a comment telling us your faves (or the ones you hate!)

Have a great Christmas and new year. See you on the other side.