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We need a brand to shake up our market

The project in 60 seconds flat.

The problem

Proptech startup Koherent wanted to shake up the lettings industry, with their new software that helps estate agents manage property maintenance. The trouble was that they had a name and visual direction that just blended in with the competition, making it difficult to stand out.

How we solved it

Firstly we recommended changing the name which resulted in move to 'Sorbet', a name with much more personality and brand appeal. We developed an entire new brand style, a set of bespoke illustrations and designed and built the marketing site.


The change of name and brand identity has had a huge impact on the Sorbet team. It's formed the basis of an internal culture that the old look and feel couldn't inspire. External feedback has also been excellent, with positive reactions from both investors and the target market.

The attention to detail in both design work and coding is second to none. The entire Bluegg team is amazing and I would—and do, highly recommend them to everyone that I meet.

Brooke Williams, CEO