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Absolute Performance

When a website project turns into something that reenergises an entire company

Absolute Performance has been creating bespoke, cutting-edge facilities for leading names in individual and team sports, personal trainers and homeowners for over 10 years. As the company has grown, it's brand no longer reflected their aspirations or their authority in the field of strength equipment.

What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • Online Store
  • Craft CMS

Identifying the problem

Rebranding a company is no small thing and there's a lot that needs to be considered and resolved in order for it to be successful. To get a clearer insight into the company and the problem that needed solving, we brought in the Absolute Performance team so we could find out what made them tick.

The Apex

As a company built on strength equipment, we found inspiration in what it encompassed; strength, stability and the powerful stance created by those who use it.

From this, we created a new brand mark named 'the Apex'. The Apex reflects the rigidity of the racks, the form of its users and the boldness of the company.

Big type, big impact

To amp up the impact of the new identity, we paired it with big, bold typography that would add that extra punch. Utilising the huge range of weights in the Titling Gothic font family, the type is used to reinforce, strength, authority and power.

A website built to perform

The new website needed to be exciting, but still intuitive and user-friendly. We stripped back their content to be more direct and punchy and then introduced big type, stronger imagery and a playful layout.

A custom online store

Using Craft Commerce, we created a bespoke online store to allow Absolute Performance to provide their equipment to a much larger audience.

Our new brand started with an idea and a clear strategy, and Bluegg were able to go beyond all of our expectations and push our boundaries to create a brand that would not only hold up in the UK market but worldwide. Working with Bluegg was a refreshing experience and their work manages to inspire the entire team every time we see the results their work can achieve

Craig Goodwin - Marketing Manager

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