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Batch Ice Cream

A mixed up identity for a bold new ice cream brand

Batch Ice Cream

Batch is a bold new ice cream brand and restaurant serving an amazing assortment of scoops, sundaes, shakes & waffles. We created a confident, flexible and quirky identity to help draw in the crowds.

What we did

Brand Identity


Packaging Design

Internal Branding


Batch serves more than 60 flavours of ice cream, displayed in all their vibrant, colourful glory. They’re the stars of this show, so the brand is monochrome. Bold typography used only in black or white creates impact and a stage for the main act.

With a type focused identity, typeface choice is crucial. We chose Good Headline Pro due to its enormous choice of weights and its simple but recognisable styling.

Shaking it up

To add energy, playfulness, recognition and flexibility to the design language we mixed up the typography, allowing it to adapt to every application. Making the words more challenging to read draws the eye and encourages people to engage more with the design, spending time working out the meaning behind messages.

Having a type led identity puts a lot of responsibility on the words that are used. Not only to communicate, but to engage and delight customers. We developed a tone of voice and wordplay that is confident, quirky, short and snappy.

As part of the identity project, we delivered a full suite of packaging, exterior and internal signage, digital menu displays and promotional materials.

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