How we created a ballsy brand to match CareerCake's punchy personality.

CareerCake is an online education provider delivering expert career advice and guidance to individuals and organisations of all shapes and sizes. Their mission is to empower a million members to make positive changes in their careers and to improve their wellbeing.

Over the years, the CareerCake brand had lost its punch. It no longer reflected their energy and passion for providing confidence and championing people. They needed a shakeup and a brand that would excite.

Old CareerCake Logo
Old CareerCake website

Setting the tone

We began by creating a mantra, a battle cry that embodied their mission and would form the foundation for the brand—People. Powered. Beautifully simple—it represented the people they empower and also the awesome people who power it.

Energised by this battle cry, we designed a wordmark and brand with punch. We wanted it to be seen as something different, something fresh and exciting. Backed up with a bright, confident and playful colour palette, this brand was ready to fire people up.

CareerCake Business cards
CareerCake tote bag design

Careercake approached Bluegg with the challenge of rebranding the business and developing a platform to enable us to move into new markets. The team took the time to get to know our business to help articulate a new much clearer vision and identity.

Aimee Bateman - Founder & CEO
CareerCake billboard advert

Online impact

As an online content provider, the website forms the backbone of their business. Working closely with the CareerCake team, we designed and developed an interface, a front-end pattern library and style guide.

CareerCake website home page
CareerCake Website

This helped them ensure their site looks great and provides a great experience for their users. It helped their developers by giving them the components they needed to build the site, and allowing them to focus on they type of development they’re best at.

CareerCake Pattern library
CareerCake style guide

Before and after

Turning CareerCake from run of the mill, to king of the hill in an 18 second video.

The result has been awesome. We’ve now got a brand that speaks to our end user more clearly and has helped to build credibility in new sectors. This is backed up with a platform that allow us to deliver a Netflix style way of viewing and therefore has increased engagement.

Aimee Bateman - Founder & CEO

We’ve given CareerCake a brand that simply reflects the brilliant people who make it. We’re looking forward to seeing the brand grow and it to inspire more people to get a career power up! ⚡