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Cariad Coffee

A brand for the love of coffee

Cariad Coffee

We love creating new brands, especially when they involve one of our favourite things—coffee! When Prince’s Gate approached us to create a brand for their new coffee venture we couldn’t refuse.

What we did


Packaging Design

Tone of Voice


As part of our research we looked at what other coffee brands were doing and how we could make Cariad stand out from the crowd. There’s been a huge rise in artisan coffee and the packaging is often serious, dark and heavy—we wanted to step away from this and create a bright, energetic brand. We proposed that a brand with personality would be a refreshing change in a crowded market.

To help communicate the personality of the brand we developed a hand rendered typeface, Cariad Sans—purposely misaligned and rough around the edges. This typeface is used for the main logo, with the addition of a subtle heart for the tittle of the 'i', offering a nod to the name without being obvious. Find out how we created the typeface.

Wales isn't known for its coffee, we don't exactly get the weather for it! However Prince's Gate wanted a link to their hometown and a way to create a bit of intrigue about the product. We solved this by coming up with a brand statement 'With love from Pembrokeshire'—a play on the name and a way of reinforcing the care put into the product.

In addition to the brand statement we wrote playful messaging and copy to help bring Cariad to life.

With the identity, messaging and typeface finalised we developed a range of packaging and applications. Additional colours were introduced to help differentiate between blends and to create on-shelf impact.

Cariad is currently being distributed locally, but expect to see it in supermarkets and coffee shops near you soon!

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