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CCFC Foundation

A voice for the community—brand and website repositioning for the official charity of Cardiff City Football Club.

CCFC Foundation

CCFC Foundation is a community charity based in south Wales. We worked with their team to refine their brand and website, helping better position them as a community charity. We created a new brand which focuses on them being a positive voice for the community.

What we did

Brand Refinement

Brand Strategy


Web Design


A confused colour palette and inconsistent use of typography resulted in the Foundation brand getting lost, so we focused creating a consistent and energetic identity which represents their core values and goals.

Feeling and speaking like a charity

We worked closely with the Foundation to find out the pain points. A reoccurring issue was that they were being perceived as an arm of the football club, rather than a charity. We developed a more distinctive design style that the Foundation can make its own, while keeping key links to the club. A new, more vibrant colour palette and brand typeface helped achieve this goal.

Messaging that inspires

We refined the Foundation's messaging so it better explains their mission, purpose and values, as well as their services.

The voice for the community

Communities is where the charity operates, so we based the essence of the brand around places—creating a visual voice that runs through neighbourhoods, guiding young people in the right direction. A voice of the Foundation. We represented the voice with an aesthetic that could connect with its younger audience as well as feel mature for older audiences.

We created a series of assets that helped the brand feel connected to the community. The shapes were created from sections of a map from real neighbourhoods in Cardiff, symbolising different voices and communities of south Wales coming together.

The brand assets help to tell stories and engage viewers.

The balance between energetic and mature

The flexibility of the brand allows the Foundation to look energetic and relate to their beneficiaries as well as come across as mature to funding providers and referral partners.

We developed a unique style that could adapt to different types of content, on and off the field.

A new platform

We designed and built a website for the Foundation, powered by Craft CMS. The new site is designed to position their services and stories in a more more engaging way. To learn more about the website please read our blog post.

Technologies used

Craft CMS

If your organisation needs to re-engage its audience and drive engagement, a new brand and website may be part of the answer. Talk to us about how we can help.

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