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Bringing the character, back to

We started working with Character back in 2015. They had created a brand but needed an online store. So we built them a custom Shopify site. After 5 years and a couple of iterations, it was time for a big update and a brand refresh.

What we did


Brand Strategy

Motion Design

Website design


The original brand was packed with character and characters. The primary mark—the planet ‘C’—transformed into a whole host of creatures. However, as grew, bigger opportunities arose with global brands like Disney, WWE and Pokemon and their characters started to clash.
As the branded products needed more focus, the brand was scaled back. Promotions became product and brand-focused—which looked great—but the brand faded away and lost its impact.

Bringing back the character

Instead of competing for the limelight, we decided to share it. We started by creating toolkits. These toolkits were themed on their most popular characters and brand ranges, like superheroes and princesses. By creating a selection of fonts, colours and bold illustrated elements we could inject’s own personality into their marketing, complementing and enhancing, rather than fighting with already powerful brands.

Evolution not revolution

Their logo, font and colour palette were the only elements from the original brand still in use and we were keen not to throw it away. However, its style and colours didn’t fit with the cleaner, bolder and brighter new aesthetic.

We redrew the Planet ‘C’ mark to make it cleaner and more balanced, we dropped the strapline to make the ‘’ name easier to read on-screen and turned the vibrancy of their brand colours up a notch.

The new-look

With a revitalised brand and an arsenal of assets, we began the transformation, bringing Character to the forefront of their communications and re-establishing their presence as one of the UK’s largest retailers of licenced clothing and accessories.

As has grown, so too has its relationships with leading character brands, such as Miraculous and Peppa Pig. With the new flexible and bold brand style, we created animated social campaigns to promote exclusive clothing lines. These were also used on the brands' own social accounts creating high levels of interaction results.

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