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A functional, beautiful Shopify store for one of the UK's leading licensed product retailers

A visual of the new Shopify store on a tablet device

We started working with back in 2015. They had created a brand but needed a new online store. After outlining their issues with their old site, we both agreed Shopify was the perfect platform to take them forward.

What we did

Shopify Plus


Website design

Technical Integrations

Brand Update


In the beginning

As part of the initial project we migrated them from an old Magento store to Shopify. We built a custom theme from scratch, integrating their brand. It was a completely new look and the results blew us all away.

Once the site launched saw an increase in revenue of 300% on the previous year and a 60% conversion rate increase on mobile. We did such a great job that Shopify wrote about it.

A visual showing the original Magento store next to the first version of the new Shopify store

Increase in sales since launch


Increase in returning customers


Increase in average order value


Since the original launch in 2015, we've continued to work with developing several iterations, improving performance, A/B testing, and adding new features such as improved filtering and navigation. We've also helped run regular marketing campaigns, promotions with huge brands, and integrated Klaviyo—a best in class e-commerce email marketing platform.

A visual of an email flow sequence set up in Klaviyo that triggers customer emails to be sent out
An example of the various Klaviyo email designs used for customer onboarding and communication

A new theme for a new brand

We recently worked on a big brand update for The website needed to be updated to enhance the new brand style and also to take advantage of new features and developments available in Shopify.

A visual of the Shopify sale campaign theme on a mobile and tablet device
We took everything we had learned about how works and the specific functionality they needed and worked it into a brand new theme. We were able to use Shopify’s Sections API, giving them much more control of content, as well as helping to allow a much more interesting and varied design style.
A visual show how a product listing page looks on a mobile and tablet device including the product filter function

Building blocks

We built a custom, standardised component library using the new brand style, including making some blocks themeable using the brand toolkits or specific characters and brands.

A Collection of customisable Feature Block graphics for Shopify
We combined the updates in Shopify technology and these components to create specific landing pages for characters and important promotions and sales. can now quickly add custom destinations for campaigns and characters.
Visual of Shopify Themeable Campaign Landing Pages on tablet devices

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We’ve integrated Shopify’s recommendations API so that recommended products are based on actual sales information, rather than similar items. We’ve also made the add to basket/checkout flow more seamless, resulting in a higher average spend.

A visual showing the related products feature of the shopify site
A visual of the streamlined purchasing process used on's Shopify store

Leaner, cleaner code

By focusing on what needed, we’ve managed to increase the theme’s performance, reducing the amount of first-party Javascript and CSS required, as well as being able to remove some plugins that they needed for certain functionality. We’ve also been able to simplify the code base, removing a lot of inline scripts which were required for some of the functionality.

Technologies used


If you want to create a beautiful and functional Shopify store for your brand, talk to us!