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Harry Bear

We created a bold new clothing brand packed with fun and adventure.

Harry Bear is the off-shoot clothing company created by our lovely friends at A hugely popular online clothing retailer, has built a company on well-known characters and decided it was time to start creating some of their own.

What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design

We wanted to create a playful brand that didn’t take itself too seriously, so we couldn’t resist giving Harry a face. The soft and flowing lines bring Harry to life, not too much detail, but enough to give him character.

To add balance to the symbol, we wanted to create a wordmark that complimented the illustration style whilst adding a touch of sophistication. Using Value serif as a base, we chopped the ball terminals of the R's and created a custom lowercase Y to soften its overall shape.

A Harry for everyone

With products ranging from toddlers to adults, it was important for Harry to appeal to them all. So we decided to give each age group their own version of Harry.

For little kids, we adorned Harry with a variety of playful doodles from monsters and pirates to unicorns and tigers. For medium-sized kids, we created a simpler design, adding punch with a range of vibrant colours.

And for those big kids, we stripped it right back to the wordmark. Still bright and fun, but with a smidge of grownup-ness.

It’s all in the delivery

As an online retailer, the first tangible brand experience starts when the parcel reaches your door. We made sure the delivery packaging stood out and set the tone for both the impact and quality of the Harry Bear clothing range.

In the short time since Harry Bear launched in October, they've already become one of the leading retailers of patterned pj's on Amazon. Watch out people Harry Bear is on the loose! 👀

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