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The story of how Mazuma's language inspired a fresh new brand

Mazuma’s mission from its beginnings more than 13 years ago, was to provide hassle-free accountancy services to small business who already had enough on their plates. With the tech-based accountancy market growing, they needed a brand to help them stand out and reconnect with their audience.

What We Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design System

The power of words

The brand aside, Mazuma has always had a way with words. Human and accessible, the effectiveness of their language breaks down the barriers between accountants and clients, cutting out the jargon and instantly putting them at ease.

This is a skill not every company has and we wanted to champion it.

The right type

Focused on language, the typeface had to hit the right tone and personality. Clear and modern, Castledown had been designed to help with dyslexia making it incredibly people-friendly—the perfect fit.

Creating a dialogue

Inspired by the marks and notes made on paperwork, we introduced some marks of our own. These human-made scrawls were used to convey the balance between tech and real people. It also created a visual dialogue between Mazuma and their clients using colour to help identify each focus.

Making a mark

To add a little quirkiness and a slight irregularity, we created a wordmark with a custom ’M' to break up the uniformity and echo the human element of the company.

Connecting with customers

We created a series of adverts highlighting their 'Don't worry, we've got this' philosophy. Simple and direct, they hero the busy folk Mazuma look after.

Choosing a branding agency can be a nervy experience. You're entrusting your vision and reputation to someone else entirely and it's hard to figure out how on earth they're ever going to be able to see things like you do. But that's the magic of Bluegg. They don't see things like you do - they see it better. Working with Bluegg was such a positive experience. They absolutely understood what we were hoping to achieve and delivered way beyond our expectations. They are compassionate and professional and talented. Thanks Bluegg!

Lucy Cohen - Co-Founder

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