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A brand and packaging to launch a new Georgian energy drink.

When we were approached to create a new Georgian energy drink brand that embodied an infamous Gurian folk hero, we couldn't resist. The new brand would be aimed solely at the Georgian market and needed to connect with consumers in a way that larger, more popular brands can't. Georgians are a proud nation with great knowledge of their history, including some wild stories about a local legend...

What We Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design

The legend of Sisonai

Sisonai Darchia, the inspiration behind the brand was one of the famous Pirallies ('The Outlaws') in Georgia during the late 19th century. Sisonai's Robin Hood-esque exploits during the Russian invasion transformed him into a folk law hero. Immortalised in song, the Georgians still sing of Sisonai, his cheek, wit and mischievousness.

We soon came to the conclusion that there was nothing more emblematic of Sisonai Darchia than his own face. His mustache is quintessentially Gurian and instantly identifiable, it also gave us a platform to incorporate a little cheekiness and charm.

A brand with shelf appeal

The packaging was a key focus throughout the project and shaped how the brand developed. The true test of any product is how it sits amongst its competition or more importantly, how it stands out from it and entices someone to buy it.

We wanted Sisonai to clearly stand out from other products at the same price point. To stand out for its premium look, its character and its Gurian energy.

The energy drink market is full of brands trying to make their mark, so it was vital that Sisonai stood out in all mediums—from packaging to advertising. Drawing from the cheekiness and wit of Sisonai himself we created messaging and a tone of voice that takes a dig at the competition, establishing it as the scrappy new entrant to the market.

Bluegg did an outstanding job and was a real pleasure to work with. When you get a kick out of work—that's Bluegg.

Irakli Cholobargia - Head of marketing—National Wine Company, Georgia

Sisonai launched in Georgia last year and it's great to see them building up the brand with their latest promo video.

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