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A brand that accelerates customer connections through IoT.


Soracom is a leading IoT (Internet of Things) company, headquartered in Japan with offices all over the world. Its custom SIM card and data management platform allows technical innovators to connect their devices to the cloud. Soracom asked Bluegg to redefine the brand repositioning them as leaders in the disruptive IoT space and communicating the relationship between them and their customers.

What we did


Brand Strategy

Tone of Voice


Web Design


Redefining the brand

The old brand had become cluttered and confusing after undergoing several iterations. The use of bright blue gradients had become tired and ubiquitous with startups, stopping Soracom from standing out. The brand lacked the sophistication needed to propel it into leader status, and the lack of a core brand message was preventing them from connecting to their customers.

Messaging based on relationships

The first thing we thought about was how we could communicate their USP’s through simple brand language. We developed a set of messages based on the relationship with each customer type, that can interchange and form the basis of a brand system based on ‘You’ the customer and ‘We’ being Soracom.

The very best in the business. The new website looks amazing, conversion rate has shot up, and to have turned it around within such a short time is nothing short of exceptional.

Jake Martin, Head of Brand, Soracom

Bringing a product to life

To help bring life and excitement to Soracom's main physical product, their SIM card we commissioned a large range of 3D renders used as static images and animations.

The Kaleidoscope

We wanted to create a way of using imagery to represent the way Soracom takes something small like an IoT device and creates something complex and beautiful from it. So we looked at how we could visually explore how Soracom amplify, accelerate, maximise and grow their customer connections through their products. This turned in to the Kaleidoscope—a brand image treatment used throughout Soracom's communications.

Visualising connectivity

We began by creating a set of unique shapes and patterns that represent connectivity and tie into Soracom's services, values and products. We then applied the 'Kaleidify' effect to demonstrate how Soracom are amplify the customer experience.

A palette of textures

We designed a brand system built by turning ideas into solutions through connectivity. Creating a set of textures that could be used to reinforce messages and add depth to the brand.

Applying the same idea to photography helps create visual interest. So we developed a style to manipulate images to help reinforce brand messaging.

Brand rollout

The brand is flexible and adaptable, allowing us to communicate through any type of format. We visualised how this could look, developing a broad range of brand applications and messaging.

Digital product, flexible brand

We wanted to show this brand is built to have just as much impact off-screen, displaying how the large impactful messaging and bold design can work in print format.

We made sure the brand is versatile and that it can communicate content in interesting ways. With impactful copywriting and high quality imagery which stands out on social media and website content.

The brand assets and messaging translate really well to web, allowing Soracom to visually represent different subject matters while humanising their product focused copy.

A digital resource

To better help manage brand use we created a digital brand guidelines resource where staff of Soracom can download assets, look at how the brand is used correctly and understand the core values of the company.

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