AFR Campaign

A campaign to educate the public on the use of Automated Facial Recognition for South Wales Police.


South Wales Police tasked us with the challenge of creating a campaign brand and website to help them raise awareness, and educate the public about their pioneering application of Automated Facial Recognition.


AFR uses facial recognition technology to help police identify people who are listed on the central police watchlist. We created the clear campaign name 'Smarter Recognition, Safer Community' to communicate the use of the tech, and the end goal.

Identify & Locate

As part of the campaign brand we developed design applications for the two main applications of AFR. 'Identify' is a system that scans images of people on the police database to build a watchlist. 'Locate' is the deployment technology which uses facial scanning at public events to highlight those people.

The core objective of the campaign is to help the public understand AFR and its uses. Key messaging was developed to explain that this technology is using algorithms to create and match the features of a face—like the technology in the latest smartphones (only more advanced).


The biggest challenge was how we could display a lot of content in an interesting way.



The technical description of how AFR works is complex and difficult to understand. We worked with the internal team to simply core messages to make them more digestible. Bold, clear typography works alongside graphic illustrations to help clearly explain the benefits.


A digital resource

The main deliverable for this campaign was an online resource to help explain and educate, provide live deployment updates and reduce the number of FOI requests.

We designed a content structure that helps visitors find and understand the answers to key questions, and a design style that broke content up into easily understandable sections.

The site uses Craft CMS to help the team keep content relevant, add new information as questions arise and publish live deployment information.


AFR lets us spend more time on keeping communities safe.

Richard Lewis, Deputy Chief Constable

It's important that this campaign speaks to audiences through a diverse means of media.


Sound familiar?

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