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Sudeley Castle

New website and booking experience that King Henry VIII would have approved of.

Sudeley Castle

Sudeley Castle and Gardens is one of England's oldest and most spectacular historical sites, featuring over 1000 years of history. We were asked by the marketing team to refine Sudeley's brand identity and develop a website that would promote its offering and increase sales revenue.

What we did

Web Design

User Experience

Online Store

Custom Development

Brand Refinement

Sudeley castle discovery sticky notes

Our team travelled to The Castle to run a UX workshop, of which we gained direct insight and knowledge around how the site needs to perform moving forward.

Sudeley castle crest cover

We simplified the Sudeley monogram to help it adapt to digital use and work at smaller sizes.

Sudeley castle logo
Sudeley castle brand look and feel

The old website

The old website was feeling tired and overloaded with content. Information was presented in large blocks of copy, causing a lack of engagement and didn't reflect the high quality experience of physically visiting the Castle and gardens. The booking experience lacked a clear journey and the user experience needed streamlining with a much greater focus on mobile.

Sudeley castle old website mobile design
Sudeley castle old website desktop design

Engaging copy

The new website was designed to help content be more easily digestible and discoverable. We made recommendations for how to present content in a more modular way and defined a tone of voice that is more suited to the key audiences.

Defining the online brand

Alongside the redrawn crest we developed a refined brand identity, including a fresh colour palette, updated typography and design system that is flexible and makes the most of photography. To test the new identity elements, we produced design experiments, focusing on mobile components and layouts.

Sudeley castle design exploration
Sudeley castle component cover

Using the new design language we developed a range of layouts and components to be part of a design system.

Sudeley castle plan your visit page design

Using the editable components, varied layouts and the design system, editors can create pages that feel unique, but connected. Users now find it easier to discover relevant content, navigate to key areas and engage with the site. Content editors can use these elements to build pages via Craft CMS that feel unique, whilst still fitting in with the overall brand. The layout of pages adapt depending on the content, allowing the website to remain fresh and modern throughout the year.

Sudeley castle website close up of what's on page
Sudeley castle website close up of homepage

We are very pleased with our new website. The Bluegg team were great to work with throughout the project and were able to deliver on our brief, and on a tight deadline! I would be very happy to recommend them.

Wendy Walton, General Manager
Sudeley castle weddings page design
Sudeley castle desktop homepage design

Mobile experience

Analytics showed that the majority of visitors were using mobile devices, despite the old site having being quite difficult to use on smaller screens. We designed the site and the ticket booking experience for mobile as the primary experience, introducing sticky navigation to help visitors quickly access navigation as well as being able to book tickets from any page. We also considered the use of photography across the site, making the most of the great imagery at smaller device sizes.

Improving the ticket booking experience

Redesigning the booking flow

We rebuilt the whole ticket booking and payment system using Craft Commerce. Our design and development teams worked closely, prototyping, testing & iterating on the user experience to provide the best booking flow possible. The new system can now handle multiple purchases such as tickets, gift tickets, experiences and products.

Sudeley castle booking flow mobile screens

Increase in online ticket sales


Drop in bounce rate


Technologies used

Craft CMS
Craft Commerce
Digital Ocean

It's been fascinating to learn about Sudeley Castle, its history and the people who visit. We've created a website that much better reflects the high quality, historic and engaging experience of a real visit and we're looking forward to continuing working with the team to further optimise sales, drive more interest and launch new developments.

If you have an amazing castle (or business) which is being let down by your website, get in touch to see how we can help.

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