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The Skills Centre

A flexible brand to help The Skills Centre to open doors for future generations

The skills centre launch video cover

The Skills Centre is a specialised educational facility based in London, providing training and opportunities to help people get into the construction industry. The company needed a new brand identity to help engage a wider audience and grow the business.

What we did

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Motion Design

Brand Rollout

Design Support


The first step of the project was to gain a deep understanding of the business, its audiences, marketplace, goals and culture. We ran a brand workshop with a diverse group of employees help establish a wide view of the business. This helps everyone get on the same page about what we're trying to achieve with a new brand.

The skills centre workshop, man sticking ideas on wall
The skills centre workshop, girl sticking ideas on wall
The skills centre James Tyrell artwork inspiration

Light, openings & directions

After analysing the brand values and workshop outcomes we started establishing a creative direction. During our research we found inspiration from artist James Turrell, the man behind Drakes polarising music video for 'Hotline Bling'. We liked how his imagery visualised the concept of openings, direction and a pathway which tied in with what the new brand needed to communicate.

The Skills Centre wanted to be seen as an "open door"—a place where everyone is welcome. We explored how this could be represented and created an 'opening' mechanism that can be represented in many different ways, which we captured in a design system using shape and movement.

The skills centre logo development
The skills centre morphing shape cover image

The logo is based on values that reflect The Skills Centre best—starting a journey, being open, shining light on opportunity and a positive direction. This is matched with a bright and bold colour palette that references construction site apparel.

The skills centre colour pallete
The skills centre animating typography cover image

To help introduce personality and to balance the bold colour palette, we chose a typeface that is approachable and has an element of quirkiness. This also helps the brand appeal to a wider audience which is key to attracting a diverse workforce.

The skills centre inspiring young people typography
The skills centre creating opportunities typography
The skills centre logo
The skills centre strapline cover image

We developed an accompanying strap line to support the logo "Start your journey to opportunity" which highlights that The Skill Centre is the first step on a long career path in the construction industry.

The Skills Centre will be setting up centres for new construction developments around the UK, so the identity needed to be flexible to work with partners, local authorities and in cross-branded initiatives.

The skills centre start your journey to opportunity image
The skills centre partner with Fifa image
The skills centre driving force behind employment image
The skills centre animating logo cover image

The new identity is designed to work across multiple sectors without losing the core brand values.

Social Content

Young people looking for work is a key audience for The Skills Centre. So we began to explore how we could communicate the brands key messages through Instagram. The sharp, punchy and bold colours help breakthrough a timeline of content and capture a users attention.

The skills centre animating social cover image

It's important that a brand retains the design language throughout various applications. The new angled logo provides flexibility in both the physical and digital world.

The skills centre t shirt
The skills centre toolkit
The skills centre van
The skills centre skills stories booklet

Photography & Video

We commissioned photography by Sophie Baxter and video by our friends Yoke Creative to help launch the new brand, and provide media for ongoing promotions.

The skills centre image of a learner
The skills centre on location
The skills centre guy looking out onto site
The skills centre people working
The skills centre launch party image of a women

We love working with bold, ambitious clients with big ideas. It's even better when those businesses make a meaningful impact on peoples lives. We're delighted to deliver The Skill Centre a brand that provides the platform to expand and develop.

If you have an amazing product or service which is being let down by lack of brand communication, get in touch to see how we can help.