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Shaking things up for a DAAS supplier with big ambitions.

UKLS, formerly known as UK Laser Supplies, have grown from supplying toner for laser printers, to establishing themselves as a national IT supplier. Despite this growth and diversification, their brand and digital platform had stalled and the leadership team approached us to give them a much needed jump start.

What We Did

  • Web Design
  • Craft CMS
  • Brand Identity


A fitting name

The brand's name no longer reflected the services they provide—but not wanting to lose the recognition they had built up with a complete name change—we shortened the brand name to UKLS.

A simple naming evolution, that reflects their heritage and no longer limits their services, paired with a modern, custom logotype brought the brand up to date.

Shaping a brand

We deconstructed the custom typography from the logo to create a suite of shapes that provide excitement and flexibility to the brand's application.

Using the shapes we created custom icons to help identify UKLS five key services across their digital materials and refreshed packaging.

Ukls icons

The website

When UKLS approached us they wanted a new site to showcase the products they supply. However after running workshops with the leadership team it became clear we needed to craft a more ambitious brand strategy and create a responsive new website that would display UKLS as a full service supplier.

We created a new site that focuses on their range of services, brand values and partnerships—emphasising the service, not just the products.

It was great working with Bluegg. They challenged us in every department to face up to our business changes and created a brand that energised the whole team. It's going to to serve UKLS for many years to come!

Dave Stanley - Sales Manager

We've helped UKLS redefine their brand name and values, created a bold visual style and delivered a focussed, responsive website. We're looking forward to seeing UKLS continue to grow.

If you've got ambitions to grow your business and need a brand to match, let's talk.