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Vision for Sport

Inspiring the nation to have a lifelong enjoyment of sport in Wales.

Sport Wales briefed us to create a fast paced energetic brand which can inspire all ages to become more active. To do this we looked into how different people get involved in sport and found a relatable element throughout the majority of most sports which we began to explore further.

What We Did

  • Campaign Branding
  • Web Design
  • Motion Design

How sport lines inspired the brand

Inspired by the different ways these lines are visualised we decided to use them as a visual metaphor to represent the energetic movement of the brand, and how it can change direction and be used in various ways to represent different key words. Taking them out of context and using them as methods of visual communication.

The Logo

Following on we designed a logo we felt represented the Vision for Sport in Wales. A modern energetic typeface that the people of Wales can look up to. We wanted to design something that is not only a campaign logo but something that is tangible and wearable as a badge.

Creating the badge allowed the vision to be represented by companies throughout Wales.


Being part of the Vision meant that you agree to its values and strive to become more active as an individual or collective. Through the website the badge is available as part of a toolkit for anyone to use. Followed by the #WeCanWales - which gave the nation a strap-line to strive for, and also showcase them doing their bit.

A new platform

We wanted to create a platform for people to express their passion for keeping active in Wales. The new energetic branding and hashtag helps people voice their progression and shout about it.

We made sure the vision was communicated through social.

It was important we created social content that inspired and shouted about the importance of being active. Our colour palette and choice of font helped us communicate this energy well. Through the simple means of buzz words and short sharp messages, the people of Wales were able to feel empowered and not intimidated.

The Website

We designed and built a mobile first website where everything lives. An exciting showcase of Welsh content told through a fresh campaign story which educates users all about the benefits of being active, what the Nation is already doing and most importantly what you need to do to get involved in the Vision.

Empowering the people with colourful messages.

The vision will grow...

The Vision is going to grow as time goes by, so we wanted to showcase this, as well as being a branding & web project we made sure the Vision is something that people can showcase physically, through printed content & merchandise.

By coming together, people of all ages and all communities can unleash the benefits of sport for everyone. The Vision For Sport will continually grow.

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