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Rebranding the innovators in data-led global decarbonisation


With climate change being an ever-growing global crisis, Vortex is on a mission to unleash the impact of real-time data and predictive analytics to help organisations make effective and informed decisions to reduce their impact on the environment. We helped them transform their brand to reflect their innovative product design and mission for a better, decarbonised world.

What we did


Brand Identity

Web Design


Content Writing


Cleaner. Greener.

Inspired by a cleaner environment, a colour palette of green hues was chosen to clearly emphasise the positive change Vortex is driving for, as well as the subliminal associations it carries of a bright and thriving ecosystem.

An identity with purpose

Using Gradient Type’s PolySans typeface as a base, we crafted a wordmark that reflected the organic nature of their products originally conceived by Zaha Hadid. To accompany the wordmark, an icon was created to represent the swirling vortex and the forward momentum of the company.

The new brand identity revolves around the company’s name and how its technology and innovation acts as a data-gathering vacuum to measure, monitor and analyse air pollutants and help create sustainable cities using smart infrastructure.

Making the invisible, visible

With decarbonisation being at the heart of their mission, we took the hexagonal form of carbon structures and used it to visualise what can’t be seen, creating a visual style to represent the various scanning and monitoring technologies used by their products and making the invisible, visible.

A digital source of knowledge

With the vast range of information around their products, services and industry, the website was a key tool in housing and presenting this. Working closely with the Vortex team, we helped restructure and rewrite their content to make it clear and accessible whilst making sure their knowledge and expertise shone through.

Using the power and flexibility of Craft CMS we created a series of configurable and repeatable components to allow us to break down large amounts of information into more user-friendly sections. This helped manage various information types with ease and also utilised HubSpot integration to create gated content for effective lead generation.

Our vision for the brand was to pull Vortex to the forefront of their industry. To capture attention and champion their innovation; unique products, vibrancy and excitement for a globally crucial technology.

We help businesses and organisations realise their vision—even planet-saving ones. Let us help you make a real impact.

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