A bold new brand to help Yolk reshape recruitment.

Bright, bold, better.

As a young and energetic company, Yolk has grown into a leading recruitment agency based on the strength of its core values — Bright, bold, better. But after several years of inconsistent use, the brand was looking tired and no longer reflected these words.

Yolk approached us to help realign their brand with their values and design a creative, consistent and robust visual system to apply across their communications.

Old Yolk branding
Old Yolk website

We held a workshop with the Yolk leadership team to gain insights about the internal brand perception, market position, core audiences and business goals.

Branding workshop
Branding workshop

Yolk work with people and businesses of all shapes and sizes and needed a flexible, exciting brand that would appeal to both candidates and companies looking to hire.

New logo and brand for Yolk Recruitment
Reshaping recruitment

We developed the brand positioning concept 'Reshaping Recruitment', utilising abstract shapes to represent Yolk's audiences and markets. The concept, along with a bright and bold colour palette provides the foundation for the rest of the brand.

The shell - Office of Yolk Recruitment Cardiff
The shell - Office of Yolk Recruitment Cardiff
The shell - Office of Yolk Recruitment Cardiff

We created a huge number of slightly differing shapes to represent clients and candidates, while the yellow dot in each application always references Yolk. This helps communicate the core messages of attracting the best talent, and working in partnership with businesses in an abstract way.

At the centre of job recruitment Cardiff

Creating a design system

Once our initial brand strategy and design work was done, we would be handing over the reins to Yolk's internal team to maintain the brand. To help maintain consistency without the brand becoming predicable we developed a design system that is flexible and allows for creative freedom.

Examples of document design for Cardiff recruitment company Yolk

Bringing brand messages to life with motion

The online brand

Yolk's website is a key part of their communication strategy, providing a central resource for job applications, as well as helping tell the brand story to its core audiences.

As part of the project we worked on the strategy and information architecture, wire framing and core messaging, and the visual design of the new site. Our work was then implemented by Volcanic, an agency who have developed a dedicated recruitment CMS and job posting platform.

Yolk Recrutiment's new website design

The brand shapes, bright colour palette and use of motion help bring the website to life.

Yolk mobile website design
Yolk mobile website design

We created a range of videos to deliver key messages throughout the new website.

Responsive website design for Yolk Recruitment Cardiff

Yolk came to us because the brand and communications didn't reflect the business. The team now have the strategy, brand position and platform to achieve their goal of reshaping recruitment.

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