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A quantum leap for a coffee brand

We ❤️ our coffee. So we were delighted when our friends and neighbours at Quantum Coffee Roasters agreed for us to give their brand an overhaul.

When we saw the empty shop at the end of our street being transformed into a coffee shop, we got very excited. We've got plenty of generic coffee shops to choose from (Starbucks, Costa etc), but what Cardiff Bay needed was a small, high quality independent.

Then we saw the signage being installed—and we'll be honest, we didn't love it. It looked clinical and scientific. The typography felt awkward. The heavy black was serious and intimidating.

Old Quantum coffee roasters store front signage

But inside was a different story. Owners Katia and Demetri buzzed with excitement. They spoke lovingly and passionately about the craft of coffee roasting. They enthused about the delicacies of taste, aroma and texture.

The interior design was also a surprise given the branding. A careful marriage of industrial bare concrete walls, brick and galvanized metal softened by rustic wood, vintage props, an assortment of 1960/70s-esque furniture and a select palette of rich heritage colours.

Interior photographs of Quantum coffee roasters store

We saw a big missed opportunity. We wanted to love the place, but struggled to love the brand. It took a while, but we finally convinced them to let us help.

Taking cues from the interior, we designed a new wordmark to work in harmony with the modern, industrial and vintage features. We matched that with patterns inspired by the interior and simple, bold packaging to create a look far more fitting to the shop.

Example of new Quantum coffee roasters branding

For the colour palette, we took inspiration from the walls, paintings and furniture. This also became a way of differentiating Quantum's range of custom roasted blends from around the globe.

Example of new colour palette on packaging
Example of new Quantum coffee roasters packaging

Finally we tacked the very problem that started it all—the exterior signage. Shopfronts need to tell a story of what to expect when you enter. We used the huge full height windows to literally tell Quantum's story—from field to cup. The new wordmark and colour scheme completed the look.

Example of new Quantum coffee roasters store front signage
Example of new Quantum coffee roasters window graphics
Close up of new Quantum coffee roasters window graphics

If you have a brand identity that doesn't tell a true story, let's talk. It's even better if you make amazing produce ☕.