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Helping CCFC talk to their fans

We'll be honest, we were pretty happy to see our local team return to its iconic blue colour scheme, and not just for our namesake! We were even happier when the comms team asked us to develop a new direction for their email marketing.

Each week, tens of thousands of fans receive the club newsletter 'The Blue Word',which was in need of a fresh look. The marketing and internal design teams use Mailchimp for their email communications, so needed us to put in place a design direction and system for creating new emails themselves. We used the Mailchimp template builder to give the team the flexibility they needed, whilst pushing it to the limits of what could be done creatively.

Image showing the design of the new Blue Word email
Images from The Blue Word email design

To help the CCFC team maintain continuity going forward we developed a set of style guidelines. These included guides for creating feature images, calls to action, styling typography and using photography. 

Images of the style guide for The Blue Word email

We're big fans of Mailchimp, so it's been fun to see how much can be done using the built in editor if you look past the initial constraints. We're looking forward to seeing how the internal team take the new direction forward. Go Bluebirds!