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New website launch for Catnic

Catnic is one of the largest manufacturers of lintels and building components in the UK. A Catnic is to lintels what a Hoover is to vacuums, so they're a pretty big player. Their marketing team came to us with a problem; their website wasn't performing. It was difficult to find product information, lacked key functionality, had very limited customisation options and wasn't mobile friendly.

The old and new Catnic websites

Digging up the details

As with most projects, we kicked off with a workshop to undercover some of the issues with the current site and find out more about how the new site would be used. We identified Catnic's users and what they would need from the site, along with technical requirements and determined how we would measure success of the redesign.

Catnic product selector
The product selector is built in Angular, to allow for super quick filtering and results on the fly, without reloading the page.

Highlighting products

During the research, it became clear that the number one reason for someone to visit the site was of course, to find products. We commissioned studio photography of the key products and put them at the centre of our design.

Examples of the Catnic photography

Design look and feel

The Catnic brand is well known and highly respected in their industry, and it was important to continue that brand consistency online—so the team asked us to evolve their design style, without losing the brand essence. We focused on cleaning up, stripping out and producing a design that felt fresh but familiar.

Craft to the rescue

We love Craft CMS. Unless there's a very specific technical requirement, it's our go-to content management system. Fortunately Craft offered all the features we needed for this project. We used it to develop the product section containing 1000's of entries, it integrates great with Catnic's CRM, Pipeline and its localisation features made multi-lingual support straight forward. Plus the awesome editor allows the marketing team to create content rich pages.

Our new website looks exciting, it's different from anyone else in our industry.

Charmaine Petty, Marketing Manager

Redefining search

Catnic sells an enormous range of products in thousands of sizes and configurations. During our user research phase we found that customers either knew exactly which product they were looking for, or had very specific product requirements—but didn't know what product they needed. We built a search function for tracking down products by name or number and a custom product selected to help users filter their requirements.

Screenshots of the new Catnic website

Stockist search

Catnic sells their products through a network of stockists (think Jewson or Travis Perkins). To help customers locate stockists we used the Google maps API along with Postcode Anywhere for location search, with data being imported from their central CRM.

Screenshot of the stockists page

Multi-lingual, multi-region

To help serve Catnic's growing international customer base the site needed to offer a number of language options. We used Craft's localisation functionality to add multi-lingual versions of the main UK site. We also developed a completely separate site to serve the French market who have different product requirements.

Statistics showing the improvement since the redesign


At the beginning of the project we worked with the Catnic team to establish how the success of the redesign would be measured. The key improvements we highlighted were; reduced bounce rates, improved search functionality and reducing dependancy on printed product information.

Since the redesign all the key measures of success have been met, with a decreased bounce rate of 30%, a large increase in search usage and an overall reduction in print costs of 30%.

Charmaine Petty, Marketing Manager said:

"It was a 'no-brainer' to get the Bluegg team involved in our latest website. We needed a dynamic, responsive design, that made our steel construction products shine! It had to make complex look simple, help us report efficiently on campaign performance and most importantly, it had to provide our customers with an easy journey to discovery."

Visit the new website (especially if you're looking for lintels) at