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An exciting new development

We were recently approached by Melin homes to create a name and brand for their new commercial housing development arm.

Earlier this year, Melin—the non-profit social housing provider—formed a new commercial arm of the business and started development of its first site in Abergavenny. With a focus on aspirational yet affordable properties, the £10m Coed Glas scheme is an exciting development instilled with its founders spirit of community.

The team at Melin have been busy over the past year with internal engagement and team workshops to help channel their vision for the new company and refine what it should represent. With a clear vision, we were asked to take their findings and transform them into a name and brand for their internal team to implement and build upon. The primary objective was to provide instant credibility enabling them to take on their market rivals.

Workshop findings

It’s all in the name

We wanted the new name to embody the core values and personality of the new company; trustworthy, quality, professional, friendly and reassuring. But also incorporate a sense of heritage, a connection to its Welsh roots and have a story to tell.

When looking at what ‘home’ meant to people, the saying ‘a man’s home is his castle’ sprang to mind and the sentiment behind it—a place of safety and security. Inspired by this, we began digging into Welsh history and discovered Candleston Castle. As one of the earliest domestic buildings built in South Wales, we loved what the name ‘Candleston’ represented, but loved even more what we saw within it—candle.

Candleston castle
The remains of Candleston Castle

As a symbol of hope, warmth and light in the darkness, the candle—and more importantly its flame—brought that sense of reassurance and energy that fitted perfectly with the brand vision and would help it come alive.

A mark with a spark

With such a wide range of potential customers and the large financial investment involved, the brand needed to feel trustworthy—but at the same time, fresh and future facing.

Candleston Logo

To strike this balance between traditional and contemporary, we started with a crisp, modern typeface with beautifully sharp bracketed serifs and elegant thick and thin letterforms. Reinforcing the essence of the candle, we subtly incorporated the flame into the wordmark giving it uniqueness and flair.

Candleston brochure design and vehicle wrap

The shape of the flame we created in the wordmark was built on to create a vibrant and flexible brand system that added warmth, energy and life across the brands varying collateral.

Candleston adverts and billboards

To help the internal team at Candleston implement their new brand, we designed and built them custom digital brand guidelines, bringing together all the assets in an easy to access online repository.

Candleston digital brand guidelines

The Candleston brand and company launched in May and we can’t wait to see how it develops!