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Writing the brand message for SMS Plc

Back in 2015 we were brought in by Glasgow based energy specialist SMS Plc to help realign their brand and develop a new design style. Since then we've continued working in partnership, ensuring the brand stays on track. We've just finished the most recent, but probably most important project—messaging. Here's how it went...

During the initial branding project the main focus was on refreshing the identity in-line with a name change, and giving the marketing team a set of tools to start rolling it out. At the time it was felt that the proposition messaging and tone of voice were working well.

Over the years, it's become clear that this wasn't the case, so we proposed a phase of internal workshops and interviews to find out if it could be improved.

Images from the SMS Plc brand messaging workshop

We conducted interviews with the senior leadership team to help gain an insight into how they felt the business was communicating, and whether this was in-line with their business strategy.

Then we ran a messaging workshop with representatives from all over the business (from management to warehouse workers) to gather a wider point of view.

We used our tried and tested formula for workshops—where the client has the most input, facilitated by us. This method helps in two ways:

  1. We get detailed, prioritised insights from the people who know their stuff, and
  2. It helps the client team feel engaged in the process, creating ambassadors within the business.

Using the information discovered in the interviews and workshop we developed a brand level positioning statement, and a set of key messages for each of the service areas.

We focused on clearly explaining what SMS do, in an simple and human way—whilst retaining the authority needed to reinforce their expertise and position in the market.

Image showing the SMS brand statement
Images from the message guidelines, showing how messages are constructed
Image of other service messages

As part of the project we also created guidelines for tone of voice, ensuring the marketing team (and all the teams who write content, including proposals) use a consistent and unified language across all communications.

Image of the tone of voice guidelines we developed for SMS Plc

Together with the new brand style, and now armed with a well considered set of brand messages SMS Plc have all the tools they need to ensure their communications are leading the market.

If you'd like to find out how we can help your organisation communicate its message better, get in touch.